The color turquoise has always been an inspiration in my life. When I see this color, I feel inspired to create art and share it with others. Turquoise is the spark that leads me to valuing the myriad of colors in our world and my motivation to reach my highest creative potential.

To me, turquoise represents a wide array of feelings and moments in time from American retro to contemporary day. It is modern, yet classic with vintage appeal. Turquoise is fun, sleek, refreshing and enlightening. The color pushes me to believe, create, love and dream.  As a result, my artwork captures a turquoise-inspired feeling, place, or moment in time.

My artwork is created in various mediums, from watercolor and acrylic to ink and pencil on canvas, hard board, and fine art paper.  My other creative channel is photography, which is shaped by my daily life and travel experiences around the world.  I am able to provide digital files from my original artwork for prints and other uses, such as reproductions and designs for events, companies, fundraisers, weddings, birthdays, etc.

For me, life and art often blend together and are not mutually exclusive.  I live what I love and enjoy sharing meaningful artwork with you!  Each piece I create has a unique story behind it.  I hope that turquoise. enables us to share a similar experience and feeling, or simply lets you be inspired.  


After all...

If we LIVE with open hearts and minds,

we can CREATE something meaningful, 

and INSPIRE others to dream!

Art truly is the universal language that can bring us all together.  Every time you glance at your turquoise. artwork, I hope you and those around you feel turquoise.-inspired too!


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