Growing up, Courtney was very curious and would use anything and everything to create art.  She never lost that inquisitive nature.  Balancing her artistic side, she and her sisters also enjoyed playing sports.  Melissa, Ashley and Courtney were Pennsylvania State tennis champions and members of Pennsylvania All-State soccer teams.  As a sisterly duo, Ashley and Courtney, were two-time Pennsylvania State Doubles Tennis Champions and Melissa was a Pennsylvania State Doubles Tennis Finalist. All three sisters competed on the Villanova University Women’s Division I Tennis Team as Wildcats for four years.

During Courtney’s time at Villanova, her passion for the arts was re-explored after taking a watercolor course to fulfill a fine-arts requirement.  She unexpectedly received awards and recognition for her artwork after this short time.  From there, Courtney decided to follow her passion and went to graduate school, where she was exposed to a broader variety of artistic mediums and further developed her skills and interest in drawing, painting, photography and digital design.

Growing up in a very close family of three girls, they have always enjoyed doing many things together – from dancing, piano and singing to gymnastics, tennis and soccer. Throughout their lives, they have also been fortunate to travel and share in many amazing experiences together.

The creation of turquoise has allowed the sisters to work together and combine their skills, knowledge, and talents.  Courtney provides the creative aspect with her degrees in art and communication as well as social media experience.  Melissa and Ashley complement the artistic side with their business backgrounds. Melissa has a finance degree, and Ashley has a business and mathematics degree and designed and runs the turquoise website.

Melissa, Ashley and Courtney believe in the importance of basing their business on the foundational standards and principles of integrity, honesty, hard work, and a commitment to excellence.  They value providing their customers with high quality, authentic products that will bring enjoyment and discovery of a deeper appreciation for art and life.  This sisterly trio believes the power of the universal language of art can bring people together and make the world an even better place!

The creation of turquoise has been an incredible experience for the three of them to work as a team and they are grateful to be able to strive towards this vision together. This is their pursuit of the American dream. They’ve dreamed it, envisioned it, worked hard for it, and made it a reality!

Follow the path that you create.